I'm Jeremy Porter, a Colorado-licensed, Nationally-Certified Massage Therapist and Quantum-Touch (QT) Practitioner.  

I’m an integrative bodyworker, specializing in deep tissue and injury recovery modalities. My touch is strong, yet intuitive.  It allows for a deep kind of treatment that's not often found in massage environments.

I am available for travel, offering my style of bodywork from within the comfort of your home or work environment.  

The site is under construction, just send an email if you have any questions.

"I can't begin to tell you how Jeremy changed my life this weekend. Seriously---I know "changed my life" is a little dramatic, but I really feel a LOT better, even after rowing four races (24 miles total this weekend...). I was raving about "my new masseuse" to all my teammates, so hopefully some of them will go to him. And I'll keep getting discounted massages! :)"  Faheemah M.  9/17/2012

"I had 2 massages with Jeremy and he is excellent. I was in a lot of pain on my left side and he was able to improve the situation tremendously! He is knowledgeable about anatomy, amazingly skillful as far as techniques and has a healing touch. I have been to many massage therapists and have to say that this was top notch. Thanks!"    Erin F.  1/12/2012

"I have been walking around feeling great with a giant smile on my face all day since I visited Jeremy... Jeremy was very professional and skillful. He gave me an amazing massage filled with great technique and good energy. I would recommend him to anyone and will definitely be back. Jeremy + Massage = Happy Body, Happy Spirit :)"  Amy W. 5/3/2012

"I had a 1 hour relaxation massage with Jeremy and he was excellent. Usually, people are not good with gauging the right intensity of a massage but Jeremy's massage did not make me uncomfortable even for a second. He seemed to know his stuff when it came to working with crystals and energy as well! I would definitively recommend going there!"  Kayla A. 5/1/2012

"...I was a little hesitant about getting a massage from a male, but Jeremy was highly recommended by another massage therapist, so I decided give it a try. I am so glad that I did. Jeremy was more sensitive with his hands than the other two female massage therapists I tried and he made sure I was comfortable the entire time, which is a big plus for those who frequent massage therapists. The little things, like light in your eyes or room temperature, make a big difference in your overall therapeutic experience. Jeremy was extremely attentive to detail, which is always appreciated. My massage didn't feel like the routine slightly painful trauma therapy, it was the opposite; no pain and so relaxing! I usually like to talk with my masseuse to understand what's being worked on, but I was too relaxed to talk! lol I can't recommend Jeremy more. My back feels one hundred times better."  Babe K. 3/16/2012

"Great massage by Jeremy. Feeling great and relaxed and there is no more stiffness in my neck :) Thank you !!!"  D.W. 1/21/2012

"Jeremy is an incredible massage therapist and energy healer. I'm a massage therapist myself, and his techniques were perfect. He focused on the areas I mentioned were giving me trouble (shoulder and low back) and found some other areas that were in need of help, that I hadn't mentioned. His technique was gentle and soothing, as I had requested a relaxation massage. I felt completely relaxed and pain free by the end of it. I will definitely make an appointment again!"  Brooke O. 12/5/2011
If I've worked with you in the past, I'd appreciate you sending me your own feedback about my work.  I'll update the list here when more Colorado reviews start coming in.  You can also send any information directly to me at jeremy (at) jpbodywork (dot) com, if you're not into social media like that.
Email: jeremy at jpbodywork dot com
Phone: 303.587.4893