About JP Bodywork
About me-
I have 4 years of experience with massage therapy, and over 8 years of experience working with various energy therapies such as Quantum-Touch.  I've been trained in human anatomy through , though I left the program upon learning of the immunization mandates.  It's a personal preference.

I am a graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, today known as Cortiva Institute. Though I have a strong formal education as my foundation, most of what I know and practice is self-taught.  

I spend most of my time researching current events, holistic remedies, homesteading technique or innovating new ideas for orgonite.
This practice is about wide-spectrum healing arts.  There are occasions when you'll only need physical power, like in the Subscapular Release of a Deep Tissue massage. Other times, you'll only need a gentle energy therapy to sooth the pain and swelling in those achy knee and wrist joints. Most of the time, I use both.  

About Quantum-Touch-  
Quantum-Touch (QT) is a hands-on healing modality that uses breathing and focusing techniques to create a healing energy field in the hands. When this field is directed to tissue that is damaged, inflamed or otherwise out of balance, it returns to balance at a rate much more quickly and efficiently than it normally would. Inflammation is reduced, misalignments realign and the healing process in general is radically accelerated.

There are many techniques involved in QT that are able to, with time, remedy virtually any adverse condition, whether it's physical, emotional, psychosocial or otherwise. As healing arts go, QT is relatively young, discovered in the 70s and certified in the 90s. The possibilities appear endless thus far. We haven't yet found something QT isn't good for.
About Orgonite- 
When one alternates layers of organic and inorganic matter (with or without carbon), a special material called an "accumulation matrix" is created.  This matrix draws upon and accumulates all forms of ambient energies.  Background radiation, static electricity, emotional thoughtforms, whatever.  The premise is that the foundation of these energies is a conscious, omnipresent energy field called "orgone".

Now, take a quartz crystal.  Silicon dioxide.  If you have a charged field, like the static cling often present on fabric during the winter, run a quartz crystal through it and the charge will disappear, almost instantly.

Physically, quartz can dispel a static charge.  Metaphysically, quartz converts the essence of the energy to a form conducive to biological and spiritual growth and well-being.  When one adds quartz to the orgone accumulation matrix, they get, in essence, a perpetual healing energy generator.  This generator is called Orgonite, and it can take on an infinite number of shapes, sizes and varieties.
I'm able to sense subtle energy fields.  Picking up "vibes", so to speak.  Most of my life has been spent focused on energetic subtleties, and as such have developed a strong sense of intuition.  I carry this intuition through in my massage technique.  It allows me to use just the right amount of pressure and engagement for whatever therapy you might need.
Email: jeremy at jpbodywork dot com
Phone: 303.587.4893